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Technology Update Session

Session 3A
Widex SoundRelax: Expanding Options for Managing Tinnitus and Stress
Dana Helmink, AuD, Widex USA

Widex SoundRelax is a new range of fractal sounds that provide sound stimulation for patients with and without tinnitus.  For those with bothersome tinnitus, Widex Zen Therapy stands out as a well-documented option, with a long list of supporting studies.  Recently, Widex SoundRelax was introduced as an evolution of the Zen tones, based on the same fractal principles but with a broader range of options.  This presentation reports on a new study showing the positive long-term effects on tinnitus severity of listening to these new sounds. Together with previous evidence, this shows Widex SoundRelax to be both a strong option for tinnitus treatment, as well as providing support for relaxation, concentration, and well-being for all users who seek a means to manage stress.

Dana earned her Master of Arts in Audiology from Northern Illinois University and her Doctor of Audiology degree from Salus University. She worked in clinical audiology in Illinois, where she also served more than 15 years on the board of directors of the Illinois Academy of Audiology.  Dana applies her experience in user-centered design to develop innovative training programs that make it easy for professionals to embrace new technology and provide patients with access to the best hearing care solutions.  Dana is the author of many publications and presentations on the topic of signal processing and sound quality in amplification.