Honors of the Society

Raymond Carhart Memorial Lecture

The Raymond Carhart Memorial Lecture was established by the American Audiology Society’s Board in Directors in November, 1975, following Carhart’s untimely death one month previously.  Professor Carhart has been honored for almost half a century as  the “Father of Audiology” and its most distinguished statesman.  The Carhart Award is the American Auditory Society’s recognition of those whose current research is having a significant impact on auditory science and clinical practice, with the promise of continued impact over the rest of their career. One person each year is selected to deliver the Carhart Memorial Lecture and to be honored at the Awards Session. Previous distinguished recipients include:

1976 - James F. Jerger
1977 - Hallowell Davis
1978 - Scott Reger
1979 - Aram Glorig
1980 - Marion Downs
1981 - Paul Ward
1982 - Merle Lawrence
1983 - J. Donald Harris
1984 - Gunnar Liden
1985 - Samuel F. Lybarger
1986 - Joseph E. Hawkins
1987 - Peter Dallos
1988 - Harold F. Schucknecht
1989 - Ira Hirsh
1990 - Ralph F. Naunton
1991 - Hiroshi Shimizu
1992 - Josef J. Zwislocki
1993 - Earl Harford
1994 - Moe Bergman
1995 - Donald D. Dirks
1996 - Wayne O. Olsen
1997 - Charles I. Berlin
1998 - Margo Skinner
1999 - Robert J. Ruben
2000 - Arthur Boothroyd
2001 - Susan W. Jerger
2002 - Edwin Rubel
2003 - Brian C.J. Moore
2004 - William E. Brownell
2005 - David Kemp
2006 - Joseph Nadol
2007 - A. James Hudspeth
2008 - Jos Eggermont
2009 - Michael Merzenich
2010 - Robyn Cox
2011 - Charles Liberman
2012 - Judy R. Dubno
2013 - Richard J.H. Smith
2014 - Eric D. Young
2015 - Brenda L. Lonsbury-Martin
2016 - Michael Gorga
2017 - Robert Dobie
2018 - Harvey Dillon
2019 - Laurie Eisenberg
2020 - Larry E. Humes
2021 - Ruth Y. Litovsky
2022 - Anu Sharma
2023 - Monita Chatterjee
2024 - Hideko Heidi Nakajima

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the American Auditory Society’s highest honor, established to recognize those whose research has had a significant impact on clinical practice throughout their career, with contributions across different research areas and with long-lasting results. The Lifetime Award recipient is honored at the Awards Luncheon with a brief introduction, presentation of a small gift, and time to make brief comments. Previous distinguished recipients include:

1991 - Elmer Carlson
1992 - Aram Glorig
1992 - John Bordley
1993 - S. Richard Silverman
1994 - Kenneth W. Berger
1995 - Edgar Villchur
1996 - David Green
1997 - No award
1998 - Howard P. House
1999 - David Pascoe
1999 - Robert Bilger
2000 - William House
2001 - Daniel Ling
2001 - Harry Levitt
2002 - Mark Ross
2003 - Murray Sachs
2004 - Jack Vernon
2005 - Ira Hirsh
2006 - Marion Downs
2007 - Jozef Zwislocki
2008 - Peter Dallos
2009 - James Jerger
2010 - Mead Killion
2011 - Charles I. Berlin
2012 - Arthur Boothroyd
2013 - Barbara Bohne
2014 - Donald Dirks
2015 - Richard H. Wilson
2016 - Fred Linthicum, Jr.
2017 - Patricia Stelmachowicz
2018 - Glenis R. Long
2019 - Edwin W Rubel
2020 - Michael Dorman
2021 - Brian C.J. Moore
2022 - Judy R. Dubno
2023 - Brenda Ryals
2024 - Carmen C. Brewer

Wayne J. Staab Award

The Wayne J. Staab Award is given to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions through service to the American Auditory Society.  Previous distinguished recipients include:

2010 - Wayne Staab
2011 - Don Worthington
2012 - Michael Gorga
2013 - Ross Roeser
2014 - Irvin J. Gerling
2017 - Linda J. Hood
2022 - Brenda Ryals

Ear and Hearing Editors' Award

Thresholds for Auditory Brainstem Responses to Tones in Notched Noise in Infants and Young Children with Normal or Sensorineural-Impaired Hearing
David Stapells, Judy Gravel, Brett Martin

From Laboratory to Clinic: A Large Scale Study of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions in Ears with Normal Hearing and Ears with Hearing Loss
Michael Gorga, Stephen Neely, Brenda Ohlrich, Brenda Hoover, Joelle Redner, Jo Peters

Cortical Evoked Response to Acoustic Change Within a Syllable
Jodi Ostroff, Brett Martin, Arthur Boothroyd

Children with Minimal Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Prevalence, Educational Performance, and Functional Status
Fred Bess, Jeanne Dodd-Murphy, and Robert Parker

Summary of Results Using the Nucleus CI24M Implant to Record the Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential
Paul Abbas, Carolyn Brown, Jon Shallop, Jill Firszt, Michelle Hughes, Sun Hong, Steven Staller 

Identification of Neonatal Hearing Impairment: Summary and Recommendations
Susan Norton, Michael Gorga, Judith Widen, Richard Folsom, Yvonne Sininger, Barbara Cone-Wesson, Betty Vohr, Kristin Fletcher

Examination of the Neighborhood Activation Theory in Normal and Hearing-Impaired Listeners
Donald Dirks, Sumiko Takayanagi, Anahita Moshfegh, P. Douglas Noffsinger, Stephen Fausti

Central Auditory Plasticity: Changes in the N1-P2 Complex after Speech-Sound Training
Kelly Tremblay, Nina Kraus, Therese McGee, Curtis Ponton, and Brain Otis 

Aided Perception of /s/ and /z/ by Hearing-Impaired Children
Patricia Stelmachowicz, Andrea Pittman, Brenda Hoover, Dawna Lewis

Use of Vocalic Information in the Identification of /s/ and /ʃ/ by Children with Cochlear Implants
Summerfield, A. Quentin; Nakisa, Melanie J.; McCormick, Barry; More 

Cochlear Compression: Perceptual Measures and Implications for Normal and Impaired Hearing
Andrew J. Oxenham, Sid P. Bacon 

Novel-Word Learning in Children with Normal Hearing and Hearing Loss
Patricia Stelmachowicz, Andrea Pittman, Brenda Hoover, Dawna Lewis

Audiometric Threshold Shift Definitions: Simulations and Suggestions
Robert A. Dobie

The Role of Oxidative Stress in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Donald Henderson, Eric C Bielefeld, Kelly C Harris, and Bo-hua Hu 

Olivocochlear Efferents: Anatomy, Physiology, Function, and the Measurement of Efferent Effects in Humans
John Guinan

Vocalizations of Infants with Hearing Loss Compared to Infants with Normal Hearing: Part 1
Phonetic Development
Part 2 – Transitions to Words
Mary Pat Moeller, Brenda Hoover, Coille Putman, Katie Arbataitis, Greta Bohnenkamp, Barbara Peterson, Sharon Wood, Dawna Lewis, Andrea Pittman, Pat Stelmachowicz

Clinical Utility of Laser-Doppler Vibrometer Measurements in Live Normal and Pathologic Human Ears
John J. Rosowski, Heidi H. Nakajima, Saumil N. Merchant

Spatial Benefit of Bilateral Hearing Aids
Jayne B. Ahlstrom, Amy R Horwitz, Judy R Dubno 

Predicting Auditory Nerve Survival Using the Compound Action Potential
Brian R. Earl, Mark E Chertoff 

Cochlear Dead Regions in Typical Hearing Aid Candidates: Prevalence and Implications for Use of High-Frequency Speech Cues
Robyn M. Cox,Genevieve C. Alexander, Jani Johnson, and Izel Rivera

The Tinnitus Functional Index: Development of a New Clinical Measure for Chronic, Intrusive Tinnitus
Mary B. Meikle, James A Henry, Susan E Griest, Barbara J Stewart, Harvey B Abrams, Rachel McArdle, Paula J Myers, Craig W Newman, Sharon A Sandridge, Dennis C Turk, Robert L Folmer, Eric J Frederick, John W House, Gary P Jacobson, Sam E Kinney, William H Martin, Stephen M Nagler, Gloria E Reich, Grant D Searchfield, Robert Sweetow, Jack A Vernon

Stages of Change in Adults with Acquired Hearing Impairment Seeking Help for the First Time: Application of the Transtheoretical Model in Audiological Rehabilitation
Ariane Laplante-Lévesque, Louise Hickson, Linda Worrall

Benefits of Phoneme Discrimination Training in a Randomized Controlled Trial of 50-74-Year-Olds with Mild Hearing Loss
Melanie A. Ferguson, Helen Henshaw, Daniel P.A. Clark, David R. Moore

Evaluation of Speech-Evoked Envelope Following Responses as an Objective Aided Outcome Measure: Effect of Stimulus Level, Bandwidth, and Amplification in Adults with Hearing Loss
Viji Easwar, David Purcell, Steven Aiken, Vijay Parsa, Susan Scollie

A Randomized Control Trial:  Supplementing Hearing Aid Use with Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) Auditory Training
Gabrielle H. Saunders, Sherri L. Smith, Theresa F. Chisolm, Melissa T. Frederick, Rachel A. McArdle, Richard H. Wilson

On the Etiology of Listening Difficulties in Noise Despite Clinically Normal Audiograms
Martin Pienkowski

Evidence-Based Occupational Hearing Screening I: Modeling the Effects of Real-World Noise Environments on the Likelihood of Effective Speech Communication
Sigfrid D. Soli, Christian Giguère, Chantal Laroche, Véronique Vaillancourt, Wouter A. Dreschler, Koenraad S.Rhebergen, Kevin Harkins, Mark Ruckstuhl, Pradeep Ramulu, Lawrence S. Meyers

Efficacy and Effectiveness of Advanced Hearing Aid Directional and Noise Reduction Technologies for Older Adults With Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Wu, Yu-Hsiang; Stangl, Elizabeth; Chipara, Octav; Hasan, Syed Shabih; DeVries, Sean; Oleson, Jacob

Systematic Review on Late Cochlear Implantation in Early-Deafened Adults and Adolescents: Clinical Effectiveness
Debruyne, Joke A.; Janssen, A. Miranda; Brokx, Jan P.L.

Weakened Cochlear Nonlinearity During Human Aging and Perceptual Correlates
Abdala, Carolina; Ortmann, Amanda J.; Guardia, Yeini C.

A Slight Increase in Reverberation Time in the Classroom Affects Performance and Behavioral Listening Effort
Prodi, Nicola; Visentin, Chiara

Preliminary Guidelines for Replacing Word-Recognition in Quiet With Speech in Noise Assessment in the Routine Audiologic Test Battery
Fitzgerald, Matthew B.; Gianakas, Steven P.; Qian, Z. Jason; Losorelli, Steven; Swanson, Austin C.


Ear and Hearing Readers' Choice Award

Relationship Between Diet, Tinnitus, and Hearing Difficulties
Dawes, Piers; Cruickshanks, Karen J.; Marsden, Antonia; Moore, David R.; Munro, Kevin J.

Communicating During COVID-19: The Effect of Transparent Masks for Speech Recognition in Noise
Thibodeau, Linda M.; Thibodeau-Nielsen, Rachel B.; Tran, Chi Mai Quynh; Jacob, Regina Tangerino de Souza


American Cochlear Implant Alliance Task Force Guidelines for Clinical Assessment and Management of Adult Cochlear Implantation for Single-Sided Deafness
Dillon, Margaret T.; Kocharyan, Armine; Daher, Ghazal S.; Carlson, Matthew L.; Shapiro, William H.; Snapp, Hillary A.; Firszt, Jill B.

American Cochlear Implant Alliance Task Force Guidelines for Clinical Assessment and Management of Cochlear Implantation in Children with Single-Sided Deafness
Park, Lisa R.; Griffin, Amanda M.; Sladen, Douglas P.; Neumann, Sara; Young, Nancy M.

American Cochlear Implant Alliance Task Force Guidelines for Determining Cochlear Implant Candidacy in Children
Warner-Czyz, Andrea D.; Roland, J. Thomas Jr; Thomas, Denise; Uhler, Kristin; Zombek, Lindsay


Cochlear Implants or Hearing Aids: Speech Perception, Language, and Executive Function Outcomes
Boerrigter, Merle Sanne; Vermeulen, Anneke. M.; Benard, Michel Ruben; van Dijk, Hans. J. E.; Marres, Henri A. M.; Mylanus, Emmanuel A. M.; Langereis, Margreet C.

Environmental Factors for Hearing Loss and Middle Ear Disease in Alaska Native Children and Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Analysis from a Cluster Randomized Trial
Hicks, Kelli L.; Robler, Samantha Kleindienst; Platt, Alyssa; Morton, Sarah N.; Egger, Joseph R.; Emmett, Susan D.