From the basic science of hearing to auditory electrophysiology to amplification and the psychological factors of hearing loss, the American Auditory Society’s journal, Ear and Hearing, covers all aspects of auditory disorders. Our multidisciplinary journal consolidates the various factors that contribute to identification, remediation, and audiologic rehabilitation. It is the one journal that serves the diverse interest of all members of this professional community -- otologists, educators, and to those involved in the design, manufacture, and distribution of amplification systems. The original articles published in the journal focus on assessment, diagnosis, and management of auditory disorders.

Ear and Hearing is published bi-monthly.

Ranked 3rd of 43 Otorhinolaryngology journals 
Ranked 3rd of 22 Audiology & Speech Language journals
Impact Factor: 2.833

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Ear & Hearing Went Green!
Did you know that Ear & Hearing went green in January of 2015 and is only available as an online-only journal?

Online-only publication is better for you as you get articles:

  • faster
  • integrated with datasets and audio files (if available)
  • accessible forever in a digital format
  • available on mobile channels everywhere

and no trees are harmed in the production process!  

To view previous Ear and Hearing Editors' Award recipients, visit the Honors of the Society page.