American Auditory Society / AudiologyOnline Lecture Series

The American Auditory Society has teamed up with Audiology Online to offer a series of 1-hour distance education lectures from prominent members of the Society.  The purpose is to provide an excellent sampling of the research and clinical work being done by our various members.

Online lectures can be attended either live or by accessing the recordings 24/7.  CEUs are offered.  More information can be found at

Upcoming Webinars:

Wednesday, November 20, 2024, 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern
Teddy R. McRackan, MD, MSCR
More information coming soon...


Past Webinars:

"Accessing the Inner Ear for Diagnosis and Therapy"
Presented by: Konstantina Stankovic, MD, PhD, FACS

"Assessing the Effects of Blast Exposure and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Auditory Processing"
Presented by: Frederick Gallun, PhD

"Audiovisual Speech Enhancement: Effects of Development and Hearing Loss"
Presented by: Kaylah Lalonde, PhD

"Auditory Cortical Processing"
Presented by: Sophie K. Scott, PhD

"Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: A Review of Current Knowledge"
Presented by: Yvonne S. Sininger, PhD

"Binaural Hearing and Cognitive Load in Complex Listening Environments"
Presented by: Ruth Y. Litovsky, PhD

"Changes in Central Auditory Processing Following Acoustic Trauma"
Presented by: Eric D. Young, PhD

"Considerations in the Evaluation of Auditory Fitness for Duty in Military Personnel"
Presented by: Douglas S. Brungart, PhD

"Design Considerations for Fitting OTC Hearing Aids"
Presented by: Andrew Sabin, PhD

"Ear Drug Delivery Systems"
Presented by: Anil K. Lalwani, MD

"Epigenetics of the Auditory System: Implications for Hearing and Deafness"
Presented by: Karen B. Avraham, PhD

Presented by: Nicholas S. Reed, AuD

"How Auditory Brainstem Neurons Develop Biophysical Specializations for Temporal Processing"

Presented by: Jason Tait Sanchez, PhD

"Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Mild to Severe Hearing Loss: Auditory Experience Matters"
Presented by: Mary Pat Moeller, PhD

Presented by: Anu Sharma, PhD

Presented by: Devin L. McCaslin, PhD

"The Perception of Emotional Prosody by Listeners with Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants"
Presented by: Monita Chatterjee, PhD

"Pragmatic Approaches to Overcoming Hearing Healthcare Disparities"
Presented by: Matthew L. Bush, MD, PhD, MBA

"Putting the 'Neural' Back in Sensorineural: Cochlear Neurodegeneration in Noise and Aging"
Presented by: Sharon G. Kujawa, PhD

"Rehabilitating Older Ears & Older Brains"
Presented by: Kelly Tremblay, PhD

"Restoring Connection with Cochlear Implants"
Presented by: Sharon Cushing, MD, MSc. FRCSC

"Role of DNA Repair in the Cochlea"
Presented by: O'neil W. Guthrie, MS, PhD, CCC-A

"Tinnitus Treatment with Acoustic and Electric Stimulation"
Presented by: Fan-Gang Zeng, PhD

"Translating VA Research to Clinical Practice: Optimizing Veteran Outcomes"
Presented by: Lucille Beck, PhD

"Single Sided Deafness and Asymmetric Hearing Loss in Adults and Children"
Presented by: Susan Arndt, MD

"Universal Newborn Hearing Screening: The Evolution of a Public Health Revolution"
Presented by: Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, PhD