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Technology Update Session

Session 2B
Hearing Devices and Quality of Life: Do Newer Advanced Features Drive Higher Levels of Patient Outcomes?
Brian J. Taylor, AuD, WSAudiology - Signia

MarkeTrak (MT) 2022 is the latest version of the recurring survey of hundreds of persons with hearing loss, many of which are owners of hearing devices. MT 2022 provides several insights that directly apply to patient care.  Among the numerous actionable findings is this:  Hearing aids improve the quality of life (QofL) for hearing aid owners and the likelihood that someone will report these QofL improvements is directly related to the type of technology found in their hearing devices. Specifically, wearers with these three newer advanced features: rechargeable batteries, downloadable user-controlled apps, and wireless streamers (for the television or a companion microphone) tend to report higher levels of satisfaction compared to wearers who do not have these features. This Technology Update provides a working definition of QofL, discusses how hearing device use contributes to QofL and examines how recent industry research better informs the clinical decision- making process and contributes to better QofL for persons with hearing loss. Insights on how clinicians can improve wearer acceptance and consistent use of wireless streamers, user-controlled apps and rechargeable batteries in order to drive higher QofL outcomes is a key focus on this presentation.

Brian Taylor, AuD is the senior director of audiology for Signia. Additionally, he serves as editor-at-large for Hearing Health and Technology Matters, a leading professional blog, and editor of Audiology Practices, the quarterly publication of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Taylor has authored numerous peer reviewed articles and books on topics ranging from hearing aids to practice management. His latest textbooks, Selecting and Fitting Hearing Aids and Relationship-Centered Communication for Audiologists were published in 2021.