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Technology Update Session

Session 1C
ReSound's Unique Approach to Directionality: The Scientific Evidence and Resulting Benefits to Users
Jill Mecklenburger, AuD, GN Hearing

ReSound implements a unique approach to directionality which supports the hearing aid wearer’s natural ways of using their hearing. This technique involves augmented intelligence, using technology for low-level decision-making and SNR improvement to enhance what the auditory system already does well. This binaural directional strategy has evolved and improved over several technology generations. The evidence for the method and the benefits afforded to hearing aid users will be discussed in this session.

Jill Mecklenburger, AuD is a Principal Audiologist in the Global Audiology group at GN Hearing. Her background includes managing projects and clinical research trials, contributing to the development of new and innovative hearing aid technology. Utilizing insight gained from these experiences, she has lectured at audiology conferences worldwide. Her areas of interest and expertise include wireless connectivity and evaluating user benefits of hearing aid technology. Dr. Mecklenburger has been with GN since 2003 in various roles including Research Audiologist and Product Manager. She is board certified by the American Board of Audiology.